[REVIEW] The Journey of Song Triplets - Shandy Claws

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Just looking at the boys, makes my lips form a smile. It may be three times as hard but the joy from it is three squared the amount. --Song Il Kook

The Journey of Song Triplets
Illustrator: Shandy Claws
Publisher: Penerbit Haru (Indonesian edition)
Layout and cover: Shandy Claws
Pages: 172 pages
Published: May 2016 (First printing)
Rating: 4.5/5 stars


The Journey of Song Triplets
DaeHan, MinGuk, ManSe, and their Dad, Song Il Kook

Although they are triplets, but their faces, acts, & personalities are different from each other. The only thing that they have in common is BIG APPETITE!!

They spend a day without their Mom and taken care by Dad’s super hands. Full of their mischievous acts, the triplets give Song Il Kook a tough but happy time.

Who doesn't know the Korean triplets that’s so funny and adorable? Yeah, they’re called Daehan Minguk and Manse, the Song Family's kids that has been entertaining us since 2014 from The Return of Superman’s series. Since in episodes of the 34th, many people loving the Korean triplets who was born out from the couple of Song Il Kook and Jung Seung Yeon. And if you know what, it's not just the people of Korea who love them, but also many other countries in the world loves Triplets, one of them are Indonesia (of course I'm in!)

Now, I won't talk about the background of Triplets, because I know you've memorized by themselves how the manners and behavior of those who are super cute and awesome. You have been watching all of TROS of Triplets, right? Well, this time, I'm gonna tell you about comic that contains Triplets’s story which is named The Journey of Song Triplets by Shandy Claws.
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