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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

There is a place in history waiting for you! (pg. 57)

Jurus Kuliah ke Luar Negeri: Baca Ini Kamu Pasti Kuliah ke Luar Negeri Dijamin 100%
Writer(s): Tim Penulis JKLN (Miftachudin Arjuna, Zulkhan Indra Putra, Stevan Chondra, Muhammad Izdiyan Muttaqin, Adi Atiasa)
Publisher: Inspira Book
Layouter: Gumilang Fachrizal
Cover designer: Zahrina Fanny Aditya
Pages: 302 pages
Published: August 2015 (Fifth edition)
Rating: ★★★★★


In my previous post, I wrote book review in English, and so now I’ll write the book review in English again. Because I think, I love to do it and it’s make me more often to use English so well—even sometime I open the translator, LMAO. Hmm, maybe not so good writing, but I’ll try, let’s get started!

Jurus Kuliah ke Luar Negeri is a book that you may know about how to school in abroad, it contain two format, hardcover book and electronic book. What’s the different are how much the content that written in each format.

In the hardcover book, we can said that it’s the conclusion from e-book that have 4000+ pages. There’s workbook, form to fill, to do list, check list, and some parts from the guidebook. It’s impossible to print out the e-book—not so friendly, for our environment and of course the price, LOL. And the e-book, the full information we can read on there, include the video interview with many students in abroad, how to about A-Z about school in abroad, and also bonus(es)! I love this book, and yeah... so many many many thank you so much to Inspira to give me an endorse xD

Do you want to know what’s the content? Can I share with you and make you jealous that I’ve the ‘big secret’ on it? C’mon!

The first ebook that has 485 pages contains about everything that you’ll need to get school in abroad. You’ll know about preparing and tips to choose the country and department of university, also information about the college which is suitable with your passion and your ability to get learn it. And don’t forget about preparing document(s), every things that must be taken, and the failed(s) that you don’t do when you get prepare.

Next guidebook with 306 pages tell you about every particular object about scholarship. So far, there’s three type of scholarships, it’s university scholarship, government scholarship, and company scholarship. We can do the step by step that have been proved to get scholarships. In the short line, it’s full about scholarship!

How if we can’t—or maybe failed—to get scholarship? Don’t worry and never mind! Don’t feel there is the end of the way to you to get school in abroad, because we can do without scholarship. We can still get the fund to go to abroad and tips to decide where’s the department, university, and country for self-finance-student. It’s also included with finance step like method of send and receive money.

The important thing is about what and how you to survive the new atmosphere. The fourth e-book with 324 pages gives you about so many ‘little thing’ to face on it, such as things must to do before go to abroad, procedure from departure until arrival in the airport, culture shock, homesick, money hack, academic hack, and this is full of life hack to face your ‘newest world’.

I’m too lazy to write one by one about what’s the inside, so yeah... the fifth until eighth guidebook—such as the title—tell you about school in every continent in this world. Each of guidebook gives you about information from the Top Universities, how to survive, the tips and tricks if you get school in a country on there. Can you guess where’s the Top 1 University in the world?

Just like the head of this guidebook, it’s tell you about the fun story—also the 'greget' moment—from many Indonesian students in abroad. There’s happy, sad, proud, friendly, whatever their feel to share to the readers. Don’t feel that you can’t go to abroad because your ‘pas-pasan’ ability, because some students more ‘pas-pasan’ than you, some of them can’t speak English so well, their academic not so high value, the parents finance not so enough to pay the tuition. This part can boost your spirit and inspire you to motivate that you’ll be and can go to school to abroad. Because, when you believe it you can make it happen!

After read this book, there’s no different things if we just read but do not do action. Motive (re: niat) is the important one, but don’t forget to do one by one if your one of dream is to get school in abroad. Also, still pray to the God, just like in my religion “And your Lord says, ‘Call upon Me, I will respond to you’.” Good luck for us, see you next in the top, tell me if you in new place in the world, and don’t forget to back to Indonesia because you’re the one of people that will build this country. Keep on fight!



  1. Setuju banget, beli buku motivasi tapi kalau gak diperaktekin sia sia mah namanya.

    Review nya bagus, bisa jadi bahan rekomendasi nih buku.

    1. Iya, berlaku untuk semua buku motivasi apapun, tapi ya kadang ada juga orang yang baca buku itu sekadar 'tahu' dan 'oh' aja, LOL xD

  2. Halo Asy-Syifa
    Mohon izin menyalin review ke web kami yah. Terimakasih


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