[REVIEW] #88LoveLife - Diana Rikasari & Dinda Puspitasari

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

LOVE exists not to takeover your life and make you dependent on it. It exists to free you and make you feel better about LIFE. (#16)

#88LoveLife: 88 Thoughts on Love and Life
Writer: Diana Rikasari
Illustrator: Dinda Puspitasari
Publisher: POP (imprint of Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia)
Editor: Anida Nurrahmi
Pages: 128 pages
Published: January 2015 (Fourth printing)
Rating: ★★★★★


#88LoveLife that has written by the famous Indonesian fashion blogger is a compilation of Diana’ thoughts about love and life. There is contain motivation quotes with the cute and colorful illustrations by Dinda Puspitasari. Like Diana’ said, whenever you feel lonely, or need a friend to talk to, this book can be a spark of motivation, or inspiration, or even become your friend.

You can simply one sit reading when read the eighty eight good vibes in this book that written in English—full of English, but you know... there’s deep meaning for each quotes and I feel uplifting and motivating when I understand some quotes. LOL.

Every quotes give you inspiration, even Diana’ personal life experience, you’ll get the lesson and feel grateful with your life now. Trust me!

There’s so many quotes about love and life on the internet, you can search it in every social media and some people said that #88LoveLife not so original for some thoughts. And I don’t care, although it can find with the illustration too, but I fall in love the way Dinda’ illustration for this book.

The book so famous, going abroad and read by so many people. Maybe you’ll think, ‘why I must buy this book with IDR 88K *the price not so affordable, it’s middle class target, heh* if I can read it with search #88LoveLife or simply follow @88LoveLife on Instagram?’ Yes, some people probably think like that, but for me this book is the one of my daily essential and food for every new day.

It’s first time for me to write book review in English. I feel so bad in my English and grammar, and I don’t do, unfortunately. Because I believe what Diana’ said in this book, “Never ever, ever, ever, ever stop learning. Life is a school and we are all students.”

Do you need some inspiration? Here we go!


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