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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Just looking at the boys, makes my lips form a smile. It may be three times as hard but the joy from it is three squared the amount. --Song Il Kook

The Journey of Song Triplets
Illustrator: Shandy Claws
Publisher: Penerbit Haru (Indonesian edition)
Layout and cover: Shandy Claws
Pages: 172 pages
Published: May 2016 (First printing)
Rating: 4.5/5 stars


The Journey of Song Triplets
DaeHan, MinGuk, ManSe, and their Dad, Song Il Kook

Although they are triplets, but their faces, acts, & personalities are different from each other. The only thing that they have in common is BIG APPETITE!!

They spend a day without their Mom and taken care by Dad’s super hands. Full of their mischievous acts, the triplets give Song Il Kook a tough but happy time.

Who doesn't know the Korean triplets that’s so funny and adorable? Yeah, they’re called Daehan Minguk and Manse, the Song Family's kids that has been entertaining us since 2014 from The Return of Superman’s series. Since in episodes of the 34th, many people loving the Korean triplets who was born out from the couple of Song Il Kook and Jung Seung Yeon. And if you know what, it's not just the people of Korea who love them, but also many other countries in the world loves Triplets, one of them are Indonesia (of course I'm in!)

Now, I won't talk about the background of Triplets, because I know you've memorized by themselves how the manners and behavior of those who are super cute and awesome. You have been watching all of TROS of Triplets, right? Well, this time, I'm gonna tell you about comic that contains Triplets’s story which is named The Journey of Song Triplets by Shandy Claws.

Yep, this 172 pages comic books are contains stories of Daehan Minguk Manse which is ever aired in the series of The Return of Superman by KBS2 TV, so if you're the loyal audience you would be familiar with the scene from this variety show that aired every Sunday in Korea. Although we've ever watched before, this Shandy Claws’s comic is worth to try, it makes me smiling because so passionate, look at the behavior of Song's Family and Shandy’s uniqueness to making the illustration picture.

At the beginning, we will be presented the prelude scene about the story of Song Eomma who struggling in the pregnancy baby Triplets, although it's hard but with the help from Song Appa, finally Eomma can persistent gave birth to the triplets on 16th March 2012, named Song Daehan, Song Minguk, and Song Manse, Geez, it’s so touched :')

Next, the introduction of this family, although no one's bio its own to Jung Seong Yeon—they mother, in this part we wanted to go to the interesting facts from Song's Family, like the characteristics, loves, and to the dislike. I’m promise, you'll smile on your own to remember the memories of Triplets’s character which is different one each other. By the way, who the most favorite Triplets for you? Mine is Song Minguk ^_^

After that, you can open the page by page to saw Shandy’s artwork which is taken out from The Return of Superman’s scenes, started from episodes of the 34th, until I don't know I’m forgot to counting the episodes because so amazing to see the results of Shandy’s artwork. There are some part (if I’m not wrong, it would be three pages) that are not given the color, I'm assuming that this part could use to coloring by own so the comic book feels more interactive. Even so, do you mind if you coloring the book guys? I think, I can’t, hahaha xP

Ah, I was suddenly surprised with the Shandy’s sketch in page 46 (if I’m not mistaken, because the book don't include the number of pages, hiks), I swear it's adorable, really! And on page 117, the level of my pathetic love of Song Il Kook Appa enhance to 1000%, hahaha. It's cool, guys, but I won't spoilers because I'm sure you will agree with me after purchasing and see this Shandy’s comic xD.

He compile some of the Triplet’s story that we all can treasure with extra artworks from @shandyclaws’s instagram, which consists of some bonus comic and bonus stage. In the part of bonus comic, there are some comic strip that depict from the most viewed (or maybe favorites) TROS’s scenes, of course my favorite one is Grocery Mission that aired in episode of the 81st (I remember so much, hehe), there is also the other same cool comic strip >w< By the way, there is suddenly Shinchan and Mama in here, from where he coming to this book? Hahaha...

Well, in the bonus stage, this feels more made up by Shandy, but still exciting because illustrated the scene when the Triplets be the fairy tale (do you remember the episode, huh?) As Shandy said on the homepage, some of the stories you will read are contained more exaggeration than real version, so it became more comical. So, please be understand of the differences. But, even that, I think it still awesome, right?

The last part, we're gonna Let's Sing a Song with Song’s Family, which is contains some song lyrics are often played and sung by Triplets. My favorite song..., it would be Tyrannosaurus. Rawr :D

Well, now I'm gonna try to talk a little bit about how my impression from this book that I've read, like I said before, this comic are worth to read. Although some images often post by Shandy on his instagram, there is no one feelings can take to have the real book. Trust me! In Indonesia, there is Penerbit Haru that republish this book with the cheaper price. Although different about the quality of paper that used and bonus, it wouldn’t reduce the cool of this artwork, I think.

Some responses I’ve mention earlier, as there is no page numbers, not include Song Eomma’s fact, and the most what I regret is... WHY DON’T ADD MORE ILLUSTRATIONS? So the book could be thick, right? Hahahaha. I knew it was too greedy to ask Shandy make a lot worse, but it seems that many readers agree that this book still less to treat our longing with Triplets, hiks.

Hmm, plus I'm a little jealous to the other readers who got a comic book The Journey of Song Triplets directly from Shandy with more goods and bonus that so great, but if I compare from the price offered actually quite burdensome for me which is still a college student, huhuhu. I hope I have a chance to buy another Triplets’s merchandise by Shandy, with the price that can be more friendly in my wallet, (say yes from all readers throughout the world, hehe).

That's all from me, I hope you guys enjoying read the book and more more more love to the Song's Family. This is makes me understand that a father has an important role to educating their children, like we can see from how Song Appa play and learn with lovely Triplets.

Ps. I’m sorry for my bad English, actually I’m not the expert one, because I’m still a student so I’m still learning too. Hehe, but you know, from this review, many people love Triplets and love your artwork too. I hope someday you’ll be good father like Song Appa. Cheers ^^

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